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2020 NFL Fantasy Football Draft Kit!

I'm happy to say that I have been able to put together a draft kit for public use this year. I have been making my own projections for years with great personal success and I hope this simple draft kit helps some people win their league this year! Feel free to shoot me questions on twitter @sportsdatastuff or on Reddit at /u/derekjohn.

I'm Passing on the 2020 CFB Season

With COVID-19 already pushing half of the college football teams out of this year's season, I'm also opting out. I have been very busy working on building a college football database and believe that I can make something great if I take the time to get it right before the 2021 season. Please know that I will be all out when 2021 comes and this will be THE place for college football fantasy analysis. I'm your man if you want to invite me to a league for 2021!

In leiu of CFB analysis, I will be working on something for the 2020 NFL season instead. Stay tuned!